Having spent the best part of 90 years operating from Valletta, in November 2010 Progress announced it was investing €26 million in a new plant and machinery in order to streamline its operations, which cater for local and international markets.

Originally intended for use as a supermarket, the 10,000 square-metre Mriehel plant had to be modified to accommodate the 150-tonne Global Web Systems G-145 Printline, which stands two storeys high.


The architects had to decide beforehand where the machine would be installed, and following that, the area was dug up to the bedrock and new foundations were laid, with a layer of expanded polystyrene. This was done to ensure that external vibration would not affect the machine's operation.

An integral part of the project is the new mailroom, which streamlines the folding, stitching and trimming of products, opening up further opportunities for large runs of publications - shortening the distance between the press and its clients.

For further information about our set-up, equipment, and the jobs we can do, please visit What we offer.

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